Magenta’s primary goal is to push the envelope forward in research on music and art generation. Another goal of ours is to teach others about that research. This includes disseminating important works in the field in one place, a resource that if curated, will be valuable to the community for years to come.

Towards that end, we are publishing today a batch of reviews of research papers that we think everyone in the field should read and understand. It will be hosted on our GitHub in the reviews section. This list certainly isn’t definitive and is purposefully meant to be organic. It includes:

  1. DRAW: A Recurrent Neural Network For Image Generation by Gregor et al. (paper)
  2. Generating Sequences with Recurrent Neural Networks by Graves. (paper, video)
  3. A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style by Gatys et al. (paper)

We will have two more for you soon and others on a rolling basis.

There are certainly many other papers and resources that belong here. We want this to be a community endeavor and encourage high-quality summaries, both in terms of reviews and selection. So if you have a favorite, please file an issue saying which paper you want to write about. After we approve the topic, submit a pull request and we’ll be delighted to showcase your work.

– Magenta