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There are many great resources and locations to learn about Magenta, share what you've built, and more!

  • 🐞 Stuck on a bug? If have any questions you need an answer from the team, we recommend filing an issue on one of the GitHub projects (Python, JavaScript).
  • 📢 Check out some conference talks about what we work on.
  • 💬 Want to chat with other Magenta users? The magenta-discuss mailing list is great for talking about the project!
  • 🖥 Want to see community demos? You can also follow the #MadeWithMagenta hashtag on Twitter to see any new demos or projects made with our models!
  • 🐦 Stay up to date on Twitter? Some of our primary contributors hang out there, if you want to chat with or ask them questions: @ada_rob, @notwaldorf, @hardmaru, @douglas_eck, @jesseengel.


Did you make something awesome with Magenta you want to tell us about? We're always super excited to see what people have been building! Tag it on Twitter using #MadeWithMagenta, or tweet at one of us to let us know about it. We may even add it to our demos page!


We've been collecting cool videos of Magenta in the wild, and assembled them in a playlist: