TL;DR: Magenta Studio, first released in 2019, has been updated to more seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live. No functionality has changed, there are only UI changes and internal fixes. Please download and enjoy!

If you’re new to Magenta Studio, please read our previous post about what it is and how it works.

What’s New

In the previous version of Magenta Studio, the Max for Live (M4L) plugin would launch a separate application specific to your operating system for each of the tools. Unfortunately, as operating systems were upgraded, sometimes the applications stopped working. Therefore, we made the decision to integrate the tools directly into the Max for Live environment to ensure longer-term stability. The machine learning models are still directly integrated into the M4L plugin and do not require access to the Internet to use.


To upgrade from the previous version of Magenta Studio, you can download the latest version and drop it into Live directly in the place of the old plugin. The functionality has not been altered, only the interface and integration, so it works in exactly the same way.


The documentation has been updated to reflect the new interface. The tool-specific videos have not been updated with the new interface, but the functionality is identical.


Please report any issues to the GitHub repository. Thanks for using Magenta Studio!


Magenta Studio is based on work by members of the Google DeepMind team’s Magenta project along with contributors to the Magenta and Magenta.js libraries. The plug-ins were implemented by Yotam Mann and extended by Cassie Tarakajian.