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What is Magenta?

An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.

What's new?

The Chamber Ensemble Generator and CocoChorales Dataset
We combine Coconet and MIDI-DDSP into a system called the Chamber Ensemble Generator, which we use to make a giant dataset of four-part Bach chorales called CocoChorales. Read the blog post.
Autoregressive long-context music generation with Perceiver AR
We generate music with clear long-term coherence and structure in both symbolic and audio domains, by attending to inputs spanning up to several minutes. Read the blog post.
DDSP-VST: Neural Audio Synthesis for All
DDSP-VST is a neural audio synthesizer for your digital audio workstation, powered by DDSP. Read the blog post.
MIDI-DDSP: Detailed Control of Musical Performance via Hierarchical Modeling
We show a hierarchical extension of DDSP to use note and expressive performance conditioning. Read the blog post.
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