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What is Magenta?

An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.

What's new?

Magenta Studio 2.0
Magenta Studio has been upgraded to more seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live. It is a collection of music creativity tools built on Magenta’s open source models, using cutting-edge machine learning techniques for music generation. Read the blog post.
The 2023 I/O Preshow – Composed by Dan Deacon (with some help from MusicLM)
A look into Dan Deacon's creative process for the 2023 Google I/O preshow. Read the blog post.
The Wordcraft Writers Workshop: Creative Co-Writing with AI
We invited 13 professional writers to explore the limits of co-writing with LaMDA and foster an honest and earnest conversation about the rapidly changing relationship between technology and creativity. Read the blog post.
The Chamber Ensemble Generator and CocoChorales Dataset
We combine Coconet and MIDI-DDSP into a system called the Chamber Ensemble Generator, which we use to make a giant dataset of four-part Bach chorales called CocoChorales. Read the blog post.
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